Analysis of Distance Education from Modern - Post Modern Training viewpoints

Document Type : Research Paper



The main purpose of this research is to" study of distance education from modern- postmodern training viewpoints”. The main research  question  which is based on the general hypothesis “there is some differences between modern- post modernism training approach” is going to  compare some distance education components such as teaching method, learning strategies, learner’s identity  toward self-learning,  and evaluation of learners with documentary-analysis  methodology.
The research findings show that modernism viewpoint toward  teaching method  is teacher-centered  verses  learner-focused  view point of postmodernism. Different anthropology related to  different epistemology depicts  two different identity for learners  based on  how to engage  in  self-regulated  learning  and  social interactions. Moreover the evaluation  of  academic achievement  affected by  two different axiology  explores two distinctive analytical routes.